Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Brag Board: Recent Success Stories

Until recently, I kept a running list of my success stories on my website, here.

The list is starting to get a little unwieldy, plus it's majorly inconvenient to edit the website every time I want to brag about the outcome of a case. For the sake of simplicity, I'll be posting (and boasting) here on the blog whenever I have some good news to share. For confidentiality, I've replaced the names of clients with initials.

These are few cases of which I'm particularly proud. These cases may or may not be similar to your case. Each case is unique and turns on its own specific facts. These success stories are not guarantees or predictions of future success. No attorney can accurately predict how your case will turn out without thoroughly reviewing the relevant facts and evidence.

People v. L.S. (hit & run in Riverside):  Case dismissed for violation of defendant's right to a speedy trial.  The violation occurred in 2012, but the DA failed to properly notify the defendant that a case had been filed against him. A warrant was outstanding for over 2 years before the defendant learned about his active case.

T.V. v. J.M. and related case of J.M. v. T.V. (Restraining orders in Southwest Riverside County):  I represented T.V. and successfully petitioned for a restraining order against her neighbor, J.M. J.M. then filed for a restraining order against my client, which we successfully defended (2 for 2).

S.T. v. G.P. (Restraining order in Torrance):  Successfully defended against a restraining order that my client's ex-girlfriend had filed.  She claimed that he was stalking her and sending harassing messages, but her story did not hold up under examination.

J.G. v. A.B. (Restraining order in Newport Beach):  Client's former roommate claimed he was harassing and stalking her. Successfully defended against her petitions for restraining orders (twice).

I hope to have more success stories posted here soon. If you or a loved one is accused of a crime or you have questions regarding a restraining order, call us for a free attorney consultation. 714 449 3335. Ask for John.

Thanks for reading.

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