Friday, November 4, 2011

Killer Cops Appear for Routine Hearing

(Alleged) Killer Cops Manny Ramos and Jay Cicinelli appeared before Judge Erick L. Larsh this morning in Department C-55 of the Orange County Central Court in Santa Ana.  The matter came on for a routine pre-trial conference, at which the status of discovery was discussed and more hearings were scheduled. 

Several members of "Kelly's Army" began congregating in the hallway outside the courtroom by 8:15 AM.  Some held signs reading "J4K Justice for Kelly".  Ramos and Cicinelli walked into the courtroom at 9:00 AM, flanked by family, security and their defense team. Both were dressed in dark suits and sat quietly at the back of the room until their cases were called.  At one point, it appeared that Cicinelli made eye (singular) contact with Kelly's supporters. 

The case was set for a Pre-Preliminary Hearing (referred to by attorneys as a "Pre-Pre") on December 16.  The Pre-Pre is another brief appearance at which attorneys will meet to discuss their readiness to proceed to the Prelim stage and estimates re: how long the Prelim should take.  For more discussion of the Prelim and its significance, see "Killer Cops Due Back in Court", below. 

The defendants spoke little during the quick appearance, answering "Yes sir, your honor, I agree" when asked if they consented to the continuance. 

Ramos held his wife's hand as deputies escorted him from the building.  On the way out, he was seen joking and laughing with his family.  Apparently, something about the whole situation is hilarious to him.  Well, it's about to get a lot funnier.