Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fullerton Police Step Up DUI Enforcement

Downtown Fullerton, Orange County's happenin' hot spot for DUI arrests, is heating up.  The FPD has announced plans to take DUI enforcement to the next level.

The Fullerton Police Department recently received a pair of massive grants from the State of California to fund an aggressive new crack-down on drunk driving.  The funds total nearly $200,000.00, with $50,000.00 of that money earmarked for a series of 5 DUI checkpoints.  The remaining $140,000.00+  will be used to fund 90 nights of saturation patrols in the downtown bar area.  The patrols supposedly consist of 2-man teams who comb the streets for suspected drunk drivers.  By my math, that equals $10,000.00 per checkpoint and $1,550.00 per saturation patrol.  

The illustrious FPD has also finally acknowledged the existence of their long-suspected "court sting operation" program.  This is a deal where plain-clothed officers hang out at the Fullerton Courthouse.  They watch for defendants who have had their licenses suspended, then they follow the defendant out to his car.  If their subject gets behind the wheel, they promptly cite him for driving on a suspended license.  Oldest trick in the book, but it still works.  There's nothing unconstitutional about this practice, it just reeks of bored cops.  

Be careful out there, folks.  Don't give the cops something to do.